Starting your first business?


At the Unicorn Club, we’re here to help you set up your business correctly.

You’ve got a brilliant idea, and you’re ready to start your first business...but:
  • There’s so much information, and you don’t know where to start.
  • Life is busy, and you don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of business structures, licenses and tax.
  • And there are so many legal requirements, so it’s important to be compliant and avoid making expensive mistakes.

That’s where we come in with a simple online course to get your business up and running quickly.

We get you, and we get business.


Together, we can turn your passion and ideas into profit-making businesses!

You’re busy, so we’ll keep it simple and show you step-by-step how to start your first business

You’re responsible, so we’ll give you the tools and resources to ensure your business is legally compliant.

You’re unsure, and that’s normal. We’re here to give you everything you need to feel confident with your business.


The Unicorn Club is a collective group of smart, savvy and supportive business owners who want to help you start your successful business.

We’ve been in your shoes, and we’ve learnt through years of mistakes, so you don’t have to.

Introducing the



A simple online course designed to help you kick start your first business on the right foot with confidence!



Access the Unicorn's Playbook


Includes 30min one-on-one call

  • Self-study, at your own pace.
  • 3 easy-to-follow modules.
  • Checklists and resources.
  • Supportive community.
  • PLUS bonus content!

Course outline

The Unicorn’s Playbook provides you with a clear guide, collated expert advice and checklists on everything you need, including those important details you actually didn’t know you had to do.

Module 1: Making important decisions

When you start a business, there are important decisions you need to make upfront, like choosing a business name, legal structure, registering your business entity and your ongoing obligations.

  • Choosing the right Legal Structure - Sole trader, partnership, company or trust? We’ll cover the benefits and disadvantages of each and provide you with checklists to help nut out what is right for you.
  • Choosing a Business Name - This is a fun and exciting time! You may already have ideas on what to call your business. We’ll help you cover all bases to make sure that you’re not infringing a trademark or choosing a name that might cause you problems!

  • Registering your Business Entity - Once you’ve decided on a structure, you’ll need to understand your obligations and register with the relevant body. We cover off all the bits you will need, including which laws govern your business and what you should do each year to ensure you’re compliant.
  • Registering your Business Name - Now that you’ve checked availability and chosen a name we go on to register your name with the ABR (if necessary), buy the URL and create your social media pages.

Module 2: Protecting yourself and your business

To protect yourself and the business, you need to know the legal requirements to ensure you comply with Australian law.

  • Directors Duties - It’s cool to be called a ‘Director’ – but do you know exactly what the job entitles? It’s important to understand your obligations as a director to protect yourself and the business.
  • Intellectual Property - Some businesses have unique assets they need to protect – their intellectual property sets them apart from competitors. We’ll guide you through different types of IP protection and show you how to check whether your brand or product can be protected.
  • Business Insurances & Licenses - We’ll look at different types of insurance for your business to protect yourself and your assets and where to get advice. We also delve into business licenses and show you a great wizard that creates a checklist of all the licences you need.
  • Policies and Procedures - Do you know about the Privacy Principles and where to display your Terms of Service? We’ll discuss these and others that are essential to display in your offices and protect your employee safety.

Module 3: Understanding the financials

Numbers don’t have to be boring – they can tell a story if you let them.

  • Business Finance - We dig into financials and highlight the most important ones, what they tell you and how they intersect so you can manage your cash flow. 
  • Company Tax or GST - We’ll cover which taxes you should register for and when. We also talk about thresholds, payroll tax, GST and your obligations to the ATO to ensure you’re prepared for what’s ahead.


Before you know it, your business is growing, and you need to hire your first employee to keep up with the demand.

Your First Employee - There’s actually a lot you need to know about hiring employees. We’ll cover your rights and responsibilities to make sure you get it right from the start.


Renee Todres, The Customer Space


"I have launched 2 businesses, a lot of my time has been spent trying to undo uninformed decisions I made when I started them. The Unicorn Club just makes sense! I wish I had this course when I started to help me get the foundations right. It would have saved me so much time that could have been spent on business growth!

Having known Tania for many years in business, I truly could not think of a better person to create this foundation. She doesn’t just teach, she has “been in the trenches” and has learned more than most about what to do, and the pitfalls to avoid in basic business start ups.

This to me is one of the smartest investment choices for a start up."

FAQs - Answers to your pressing questions!

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